Frequently Asked

Please follow this link for information regarding school transportation protocols.

The following conditions have to be met: 1. The primary address must be eligible for transportation. 2. The caregivers address must be within the school transportation boundary. 3. The caregivers address can then be considered and must meet the conditions for an alternate address. (The alternate address is used consistently every day, Monday through Friday, every week for the school year with no new stops or runs created)

Contact Voyago for lost items. Be ready to provide the school and run number.

Contact the school principal and/or bus company to discuss your concerns. If you are unable to resolve the situation with the school principal and/or the bus company, contact Student Transportation Services within your school district.

No. The bus driver is an employee of the bus company and the bus company is under contract with Student Transportation Services. Student Transportation Services does not permit the bus driver or bus company to make, alter or amend the service provided.

No. If your children are showing symptoms of flu or other illness contact your local healthcare system and do not send them on the school bus.

Contact Us.

Do you need to contact your local Voyago School Bus Operations Centre? We’re always here to help and willing to accommodate. Simply send us note and we’ll get right back to you.

  • Tell us which area of Ontario you are inquiring of.


Voyago has implemented several protocols within our operations that ensure our Employees, Ridership, and Visitors are well protected from possible spread of COVID-19. Our multi-point strategy includes, Daily Active Screening, Personal Hygiene Measures, Personal Protective Equipment, Physical Distancing, Protocol Communications and Training, and Environmental Protection Actions for our facilities and vehicles.


We encourage you to follow your local guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and make use of  tools available from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

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